69th Flaherty Film Seminar



JUNE 27-JULY 21, 2024

Presented in partnership with
UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art


Programs go live on June 27! And will remain accessible until July 21.

Listen in to Seminar Programmers May & Julian introduce TO COMMUNE. 


Registration is Closed.

TO COMMUNE is available online from anywhere in the world with access to all of the programs online, select livestreams and conversations, resources from the artists, programmers and more all available through July 21 for those who signed up for the ONLINE EXPERIENCE and all ANNUAL UNDO MEMBERS.

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Join a Gathering! 

Informal gatherings to screen and discuss Seminar programs are being self-organized across the world! Find out if a gathering is taking place near you and request to attend in person!  

2024 Gathering Locations and Information


The Online Experience of TO COMMUNE will take place concurrently with the Seminar in Thailand, June 27 - July 2, offering two exclusive online synchronized discussions and screening to gather, watch and discuss with other online participants. All participants will have access to the full Seminar program until July 21 online! 


The Seminar film programs, film notes and related materials for deeper engagement will be released day by day on this platform as they are screened and shared at the Thai Film Archive June 27 - July 2.


The Online Experience will host two live events exclusively for online participants- an opening dialog on zoom on June 27 at 2pm ET and a livestream screening of Program 9 on this platform followed by a zoom dialog on June 30 from 9am ET to Noon ET. These events are included as part of your registration. Zoom links and reminders for these events will be sent within 24 hours of the event start time.


All Seminar films, film notes and related materials will be available beyond the period of the Seminar until July 21 to all registered participants online.  


in-person discussions held in Thailand will not be streamed for the online program and some films may not be available online due to artist permissions and streaming rights. 

Download the UnionDocs App for ease of HQ streaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how will I get access to the platform after registering?

All registered participants will receive instructions via email to gain access to the platform on June 21. All registrations after that date will receive access instructions 24-36 hours after registering. 

Part of the platform registration process includes providing a credit card number. You will NOT be charged any additional fees but the submission of a card number is required to complete online access. 

When will the program be released? 

Parallel with the screenings in Thailand from June 27 - July 2, the film programs and related materials will be released day by day. Registered participants will receive email notification of daily program releases online.  Following July 2, all registered participants will have access to the full Seminar program until July 21. 

What is included in the online experience?

Registration for the Online Experience includes access to the film programs, notes and related materials for deeper engagement through July 21 and access to attend exclusive live streamed events and discussions online. 

Please note that in-person discussions held in Thailand will not be streamed for the online program and some films may not be available online due to permissions and streaming rights. 

Can I watch with others? 

Yes, we encourage you to gather informally to watch part of the Seminar program together through the online platform! If you are planning to do so, let us know and we can provide a deeper registration discount for self-organized gathering organizers and participants! 

You can find a list of informal gatherings being planned here and submit a request form to attend one near you or let us know you are hosting one! 

How is the Online Experience connected to the Seminar in Thailand?   

The onsite and online experience of the Seminar will present the same film programs, film notes and additional materials. Both onsite and online participants will have access to our Seminar Discord Channel to connect informally with each other before, during and after the Seminar dates. All participants will also have access to the program online through July 21. 

Please note that discussions and screening schedules are different for onsite and online participants and no discussions or sessions taking place in Thailand will be streamed online and some films may not be available online due to permissions and streaming rights.  

What happens after the seminar? Will my subscription auto-renew for next year? 

As a thank you for your participation, you’ll continue to have complimentary access  as a monthly member to the UNDO Membership Channel through the end of August. We hope you’ll enjoy our programming during that time.

If you are not interested to stick around, we invite you to cancel your membership at anytime and you will receive ample reminders and instructions to cancel before any auto-renewal occurs.