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April 21

Hi all,

We’re really honored to have the chance to share a particularly special offering on the Membership Channel this week. Lynne Sachs, whose work we’re currently spotlighting in the collection BODY OF THE BODY, BODY OF THE MIND, joins us to read three poems, each presenting a vivid glimpse into a specific moment in her life.

The readings, 19751997and 2009, are drawn from Lynne’s 2019 collection Year by Year Poems, which features a piece for each of the first 50 years of the artist’s life. In each video, she accompanies the text with intimate and playful context and insight around the places and people that inspired her writing. The readings make for a truly illuminating pairing with Lynne’s films – we can’t wait for you to watch!

Also, I wanted to give a quick heads up that this weekend is your last chance to catch Jason Livingston’s awesome and incisive film, ANCIENT SUNSHINE, which leaves the Membership Channel on Monday (4/24). Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with this seriously intelligent work from one of our favorite filmmakers.

As always, feeling sincerely grateful for your support. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Take care,

August 30, 2022
• Edited (Aug 30, 2022)
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Now that you are here...

We're so happy to welcome folks in this portal to peek in the window of our bustling building in NYC and tune into the ideas and energy bubbling up from the UNDO Center.

This is play to say hi, can share where you are joining from, any thoughts on what you have watched, and we hope we can cultivate connections and share opportunities here too. Looking for a DP in Kosovo? A sound recordist in Lisbon? Someone with an underwater camera rig in NYC? You may find one here.

First up, we wanted to share the sign up for our next study group is LIVE.

This Study Group will be presented in collaboration with the incredible festivals FICValdivia and DocLisboa and will feature a brand new restoration of works by FICValdivia from the women's cinema collective that arose in 1975 in Mexico, CineMujer. We're delighted that we will share four films from this restoration here and have the opportunity to engage in depth in the Study Group.

The collective began its activity at a radicalized and highly politicized moment, marked, among others, by the aftermath of the Student Massacre in Tlatelolco, and was oriented towards a cinema that distanced itself from conventional denunciation formats (survey documentaries) to tackle freer formats.

More details to share soon, but if you want to receive the email updates and join us sign up today: